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Lowes Bowdrill

 notice: To avoid risking Covid-19 Virus infection, just get a dead branch straight from the woods or backyard .... (sycamore, redbud, dogwood, cherry, poplar, sweet gum, etc. ,,,,,but not oak or maple hardwoods).  You make it the same way as you would from a cedar board.
....for example....Look closely at this image on the "Using It" page.


Making a BowDrill from Lowes cedar board

To get right into making a bowdrill friction fire ........

     *Just go to Lowes and get a 1"x 2"x 8ft. Cedar board ($5.00)
                               and 5ft. of  3/16" braided nylon rope ($2.00)
     *Follow the image sequence below.




































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