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The Legacy of Tom Brown's Tracker School


        An  Apache, known as Stalking Wolf, was born in the American Southwest around 1875.  Stalking Wolf's parents and grandparents were killed during the violence that swept that region during the latter part of the century.  From that time on, he was raised by his great-grandfather Coyote Thunder, among a small group who evaded capture and thus never lived on a reservation.  This small clan lived a traditional life in the wild places, remaining close to nature and the things of the spirit.
        From an early age, Stalking Wolf grew in the ways and knowledge of things of the spirit, and was given guidance by the elders and people of his clan.  Early in his life, he received
a vision leading him into the life of the Apache Scout and Shaman.  Part of this same vision directed him to spend 60 winters wandering and learning, simplifying, and passing on the old ways of nature and spirit.  This is what he did as he wandered North and South America for the next 60 years.  At the end of that time, he traveled to the coast of New Jersey where he began to teach these skills to his grandson, Rick, and to Rick's friend, Tom Brown.
        For the next 10 years, Tom and Rick were taught by Stalking Wolf, whom they called Grandfather.  A vast range of physical survival skills and awareness skills were covered in great depth.  In all of the skills and lessons that were taught during those years, Grandfather always stressed the things of the spirit as being of greatest importance.
        At the end of the high school years, Rick and his family moved overseas.  Grandfather, then about 93, went back to the Southwest.  And, soon thereafter, Tom set out to wander both North and South America for ten years, testing out the many
things he had learned from Grandfather, learning from elders and tracking lost people and fugitives.  At the end of this period, his first book, The Tracker, was published in 1978.  It was also at this time that he began teaching.  He still teaches today at his Tracker School in the vast Pine Barrens wilderness of southern New Jersey.
        The classes taught at Tom Brown's Tracker School preserve the powerful simplicity of Stalking Wolf's philosophy.





".... The accumulation of knowledge is not wisdom -
only experience turns knowledge into wisdom...."
Grandfather - 1961







* Art credit - 1978 Readers Digest