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The Books

The books written by Tom Brown, Jr. are highly-recommended reading. They are autobiographical, containing multiple layers of meaning. As such, if you read one of his books and then go and spend some time in the woods noticing plants, tracks, birds and animals - perhaps trying some shelter or fire building, you will find that a second reading of the same book will reveal deeper levels of meaning.

During the late 1950's, Stalking Wolf journeyed to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and met Tom Brown, a 7-year old boy. He immediately began using nature to teach Tom the old ways of nature and spirit. The profound events and teachings that followed are chronicled in Tom's books.


The following is a listing of the books written by Tom Brown, Jr.

They may be purchased online at Amazon.com or at your
local bookstore.
(If not in stock, they can order them for you)

The Tracker - The Search - The Vision - The Quest - Awakening Spirits -

The Journey - The Way of the Scout - Grandfather - The Science and Art of Tracking -
Case Files of the Tracker -



The following is a listing of FIELD GUIDES written by Tom Brown, Jr.

Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants - Nature and Survival for Children -

The Forgotten Wilderness - Living with the Earth - Nature Observation and Tracking -

City and Suburban Survival - Wilderness Survival