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         Patrol Bowdrill

                                        Patrol Bowdrill 

       Here's a youtube link to some guys using a large Patrol Bowdrill. 
They were using a pretty 'fat' spindle in this video.



      The Boy Scouts used a slimmer spindle which didn't require near as much down-pressure on the hand-hold. They would trade off between tries. Each try was less than half the time that was used in this youtube video.

        During a fall campout in 2019, five 12-year old scouts (with some help of the scoutmaster holding the hand-hold) made fire from a Lowes cedar 2-by-4. However, only a few Lowes stores carry cedar 2-by-4's (in the treated-lumber aisle). It's possible any store can order them for pickup though. The process for making a large one is the same as shown on the "Lowes Bowdrill" page.



               This one was made by some Scouts from a dead willow branch.
Four or five of them took turns and had a fire with it after about 6 tries. The spindle can be most any height, as long as it is straight.




Here's an image of the Buddy System technique using the small bowdrill.